111+Things Every College Student Should Know…

Hooking up?

Breaking up?

And everything in between.

These are THE111+ Things EVERY College Student Should Know About Dating, Relationships, and other College Stuff!”

Coach Steph has done it again! Her newest book is the how-to/goto manual for navigating the wonderful, world of college without losing your mind! Every mom, dad, aunt, uncle, and family friend should buy this for the YOUNGER person in your life.

“This book was a blast to write!” states Stephanie D. McKenzie, professor and certified relationship coach and strategist.  McKenzie went on to state that she hopes this book will help college age singles learn the lessons that will stop them from becoming single older adults with “baggage” that could’ve been avoided.

Written with the help of college students (now published co-authors), Briah Bibbs, Chloe Griffen, Cortney Sanders, Remy Thomas, and Keesi Wallace, the book contains real insights and information about the world of college, including “Coach Steph’s” college [success] caveats.

That’s what happens when a “renowned love expert” (per Shape Magazine) is also a college professor.

The book is currently available on Amazon.com.  For more information, media inquiries, or booking inquiries for your youth or college group, email bookcoachsteph@whatthelove.org

This book is a great resource for not only college students, but also high school juniors and seniors who are preparing for college life.


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